About Us


TRNDSTTR™ is a FitWear label setting the current trends and tastes of which is then visually brought to life.

In 2017, the founder of TRNDSTTR™ FITWEAR spotted a gap in the market for innovative, functional, and fashionable activewear. She took matters into her own hands to design and craft her own range of fitness apparel. Our FitWear is designed in-house, with high quality fabrics sourced through a measured process of Test and Check. Each piece is then independently engineered to sculpt, support, and satisfy the fit for all body types. 



This FitWear label was created to enable women to express their style and feel empowered in this new era of fast paced fitness fashion. This line is the ultimate go-to activewear, where the pieces can be worn for any occasion, dressed up or down. It is made for performance, just as it is made for comfort. After months of research and development, we have introduced the most buttery soft material with the perfect ratio of GSM (thickness) eliminating the camel-toe, and shaping our bodies in the right way. 


The wings of our logo, along with the body of the logo delivers a "T" illusion, representing the T in "TRND". When you look closer, the body of the logo is an "S", representing the first letter of "STTR". In combination, it also looks like a set of arms spread to reveal the lats, or "wing" of the human body.

Our motto "UNFOLD YOUR WINGS" embodies our mission to help women around the world invigorate the idea of unfolding their wings in all aspect of life, embracing opportunities, and overcoming difficult situations with strength and perspective. This motto is what brought our brand and our vision to life.


What will it take for you to unfold your own wings? Don’t fear of being a TRNDSTTR.