#SaveAustralia - Ways to Help.

For the past few months, many parts of Australia have been experiencing the most catastrophic bushfires in our nation’s history.
As the creator behind this brand, I have pledged to donate 

100% of the profits 

for the rest of January towards this unprecedented level of damage to our homes, nature, and wildlife.
As an Australian born brand launching since less than a year ago, this is the least I could do for our country that is currently burning.

If any of my lovely supporters are in a position to donate, you can do so through a mindful and symbolic purchase.
Alternatively, you can also help with bushfire relief by directly donating to any of the causes below:

(link attached to the photos)
Any purchases and individual donations during this time is greatly appreciated and acknowledged.
Every cent, dollar matters - it all adds up.
We thank the Firefighters, Volunteers, and Emergency Personnel for their continuous bravery and efforts during this time in need.
My thoughts go out to all impacted. 
Founder of TRNDSTTR x

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